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everything you never knew you needed to know about the 2015 World Champs ...

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This is a tournament like I’ve never seen it. Basically, everybody is helping the Khan’s to organise this event. It’s like a club champs, where your mates, your family, come and give you a helping hand.

Only it’s a World Champ.

And it’s bleeping well organised.

Shabana Khan, making the draws for the main!

Shabana Khan, Mrs Big, is just an amazing woman. I just fell in love with that lady, and her “pitbull attitude” as described by “Bobby Khan” her husband – as he likes to call himself, bless his heart. It's like I met my soul sister, my double. Only she is young and beautiful…

The aura of former US Champion Shabana is quite extraordinary, I'm completely mesmerised. She actually organised the World Ladies here in 1999, while playing in it if you please. And now it’s the Men, helped by her brother Murad.

Her dad Yusuf Khan is the Godfather of Squash on the West Coast, and founded the Khan Dynasty, almost 40 years ago, three generations of Squash Passionate Emblems. One word to describe them to a T: Tenacity.

Yusuf, a 10-time Indian champion, came to Seattle in 1968 as a tennis pro. He introduced the international game to the city and built some of the first glass-walled courts.

His son Azam became a pro at Pro-Sports Club in Bellevue in 1991, growing that program from 10 players to more than 1,200 today. Azam’s two sons, Salim, 16, and Sharif, 18, played in the first round of qualifications, and although they lost, behaved beautifully out there.

We do not need to introduce Yusef's other daughter, Latasha, seven-time U.S. women’s champion, and still playing on the PSA Tour. Latasha is everywhere, from driving us around, to checking tickets at the entrance, not to mention making sure the qualifiers get to book in the tournament hotel, she is Miss Multitasking impersonated.

And they are surrounded by other members of the family who are all around, just helping out, along with club members, friends – even Madeline Perry who came from Ireland to help out – everybody is making this event a family one, yet a superbly well organised one.

And I’m so proud we are to play a little part in it. It’s an honour.

Truly, and utterly.

How it Works ] Walking in Bellevue ] [ Family Affair ]

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