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Walking in Bellevue

Although we landed at the Seattle airport, with a "floppée" (lots of) of players that all seem to come on the same BA flight from London - including a few Egyptians - the tournament is actually happening on the other side of the lovely Washington Lake, Bellevue.

I only knew about Seattle via Hollywood of course, Sleepless in, and my cult series - Frasier. And I know it was raining.

Let me reassure you, it is raining. But so far, a nice one, a 'Normandy/Brittany' like, that doesn't prevent you from walking out in the town.

And after Cubs arrived - via the Pro Club of course, you know him, he's GOT to take the picture - we went out of the Marriott Bellevue to the "restaurants quarter", about 5m walk, nice and easy, right next to the Players Hotel, the Westin.

A few Thai/Japonese, perfect for me, but Steve, not that much, a few restaurants closed, or a bit too posh for us, but we finally spotted a lovely Thai/Noddle bar, that seemed welcoming enough.


It was like being in Cheers/Miss Saigon all at once! The decor was sooo american - sorry, I'm French, I will say that a lot, and that is with a smile, not a sneer believe me..

The boyfriend Jonathan runs the bar/service, and the girlfriend Nan is in the kitchen. And it was both lovely food, tasty, and very affordable indeed.

Perfect really. And as the calm before the storm that is going to be this tournament - with 4 courts at the same time for the Qualifying, and then 2 different venues for a few days, too much happening, too many people to talk to, too many emotions for my old heart - "how's your blood pressure Fram, dixit Nick Matthew", we truly and utterly enjoyed that moment of plenitude.

Merci to the Khan Family/Dynasty to have us here.

How it Works ] [ Walking in Bellevue ] Family Affair ]

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