PSL (Premier Squash League) is a tournament organised by England Squash where clubs from around the country vie for the title of National Champions.

Example League Tables


The competition is split into two Divisions, based roughly on geography with Division A having mostly Northern teams and Division B mostly Southern ones.

Normally there are five or six teams in each division with new teams able to apply to join the league during the off-season.

Fixtures take place between September and May with teams playing each other both home and away within their divisions. The top two teams then progress to semi-finals and a final which is staged at the National Squash Centre in Manchester.


Teams must nominate their squads at the start of the season and can change, with some restrictions, during the Christmas break.

Each squad can contain no more than two male players ranked in the world’s top 25* and one female player ranked in the world’s top 30*.

*as of the preceding 1st June PSA rankings

Team Introductions
Team Introductions


Fixtures are played on Tuesday nights, starting at 7pm, with two courts in use for each tie.

A tie consists of five players from each team playing their opposite number (a match). Teams must field one female player (at number five) and include a minimum of two English players.

Ties start with the women’s match first on the main court, followed by the 1st string matched with the deciding match being the 2nd string. Each match is played best of five games PAR scoring to 11.

Example Result
Example Result

Points are awarded as follows: One point for each game won, plus five points for the winning team (whoever wins the most matches).

In this example result, Pontefract win  3+0+3+3+2 = 11 games, Birmingham win 1+3+1+1+3 = 9 games. Pontefract win the match 3-2 to earn an extra 5 points, so the final points are Pontefract 16, Birmingham 9.

2016 Champions Surrey


The league has been running since 1983. Originally called the “Amex League”, it became the “National League”  and was rebranded to PSL in 2005.


The league is administered centrally by England Squash. Should you wish to contact the league administrator please email events@englandsquash.com.

A full copy of the regulations can be viewed here.

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