The Club from Hell – a collaborative novel

June 2012 – A “Dream Team” of squash writers has been assembled by DailySquashReport to tackle the creation of a nineteen-chapter collaborative squash-themed online novel.

The initial chapter is scheduled to break ground on June 21st, after which weekly installments will follow. The posting of the nineteenth and concluding chapter is slated to follow World Squash Day on October 25th.

The ten participating writers will rotate their efforts, with most of them contributing two non-consecutive chapters to the proceedings. Each writer will face the challenge of advancing the story, under a bit of time pressure, from the point where it was handed off by the previous writer.

The Lineup:

Steve Cubbins, Squashsite
Mick Joint, Head Pro, Detroit Athletic Club and author of The Squash Joint
Will Gens, Consultant, and author of Squash Dashers and Bashers
Tracy J. Gates, Editor, and author of Squeaky Feet
Alan Thatcher, Media director, and author of Squash UK
Rob Dinerman, Sportswriter and author
John Branston, Senior Editor, The Memphis Flyer, and author
The Squashist, Editor, and author of The Squashist
Aubrey Waddy, Author of the novel “Sex and Drugs and Squash ‘N Roll”
Peter Heywood, Scientist and author of The Squash Life Blog
Jim Zug,  US author and historian

The writers have been given these basic guidelines, as suggested by the Squashist:

“The writers should be told to maintain the general spirit of the story. If you have one writer submitting a serious bit of fiction but another submitting a comic masterpiece, all continuity will be lost. I think we writers will have to be told to stick with the program and not go off on our own personal tangent.”

[although Chapter One hopefully provides enough ammunition for some of the writers to take the long way round, concentrating on a particular character or event at the club, past present or future] SC


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