Mexican Open Final

Hi everybody, I am here at the SquashPro Club awaiting the climax to this tournament. The crowd is already building up, looks like there will be a full house by the time the final starts

[3] Yathreb Adel (EGY) bt [1] Aisling Blake (IRL)  11/5,13/11, 13/11 (47m)

Well, it’s all over now. A really good match but at times not too pleasant to watch. The first game started very well and even until Yathreb eased into a 6/3 lead, then Yathreb started to upset the flow of the game with unnecessary bumping and long intervals between rallies, upsetting her opponent but getting the points to take the game 11/5.

In the second game Aisling took a good well deserved lead of 7/2, but then Yathreb came back into the game moving up to 6/7, Aisling led again 9/6, Yathreb levelled at 9/9, Aisling got the first game ball at 10/9, but Yathreb again with some spoiling tactics levelled, again at 11/11 then took the game 13/11. At this stage unfortunately Aisling was getting very upset, which is very unlike her, with Yathreb’s spoiling tactics, as indeed were most of the crowd.

The third game scores stayed very level up to 6/6 then 9/9, Yathreb gotmatch ball at 10/9 but with two tins gave Aisling the advantage of game ball at 11/10, but Aisling could not take advantage of this and Yathreb took the game again at 13/11 and the match 3 games to nil after 47 minutes.

Despite some upset in the audience with Yathreb’s playing tactics it was agreed generally that the tournament had been a great success, and Yathreb was presented with a rather novel trophy which showed the Mexican calendar, or so I was told.

That brought proceedings here at the SquashPro club to a close, and I would personally like to thank many people for their assistance and kindness that was shown to me, amongst them being the Tournament Director Miguel Sanchez, his partners Pepe and Ricardo, Miguel’s daughter Cynthia Acacio Perez who was a delightful driver during the tournament, Salvador Martinez and Karie  Heredia.

Well that’s it folks, as some cartoon character used to say, so for now goodbye from Mexico, I am off to another part of Mexico for a short vacation, which I may share details of with you all sometime soon.

Arthur Curran



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  1. Hi there, my name’s Marco Antonio Moreno

    I just met Arthur Curran here in Querétaro, México; just two hours driving north from Mexico City; it’s been really surprising how popular Squash is in my country, I didn’t know that. Arthur was telling me stories about the squash in mexico and it’s really interesting. I’m not into it, but I’d like to. He told me something that is a huge true; “…….you’re never old enough to start playing” and maybe I’ll do that.

    It was such a good thing to know Arthur, best regards from Querétaro, Mexico.

    • Thank you very much Marco. I met so many lovely people, all squash crazy, during my visit to Queretaro, it is good to know that my visit will be remembered, as I shall definitely remember it for a long time to come. Good luck to your squash playing.

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