Mexican Open Semi Finals

Here we are again eager and ready for this evening’s semi finals, which should both be fantastic matches.

[3] Yathreb Adel (EGY) beat  [8] Nicolette Fernandes (GUY) 11/8, 11/9, 11/7. 53 mins.

Well, this match certainly proved my words above that they would be fantastic. #3 seed, 16 year old Yathreb Adel from Egypt faced #8 seed Nicolette Fernandes from Guyana, who had played really well to get to the semi final. Nicolette started much the better to take a lead of  6/2 but Yathreb got the lead back at 8/6 then got game ball at 10/7, Nicolette saved one game point before Yathreb took the game 11/8.

Even in this early stage of the match Yathreb was showing a lot of ill discipline, and arguing with the referee before a decision was given. Yathreb started much  the better in the second taking a 7/3 lead before Nicolette pulled back to 6/7, Yathreb got another point before putting one in the tin to get Nicolette up to 7/8,Yathreb got another one for 9/7, Nicolette levelled at 9/9 but Yathreb got game ball then the game with a shot out of court by Nicolette.

2 – 0 to Yathreb and they had been playing for 36 minutes, the rallies at 9/9 alone lasted 6 minutes with lots of lets, and discussions with the referee.

Yathreb started the better to lead 5/2, but Nicolette pulled back to lead 6/5, Yathreb got to game ball at 10/7 with a doubtful stroke and took the game 11/7 with a no let call. A match that stretched to 53 minutes for a 3 – 0 score was marred for the audience in particular by too much indiscipline from young Yathreb, with even a few quiet boos coming from the crowd.

For her age she is a very good player, but surely she should have some self discipline trained into her.

[1] Aisling Blake (IRL) beat [4] Samantha Cornett (CAN) 11/7, 11/6, 9/11,6/11,11/8. 51 mins.

What a wonderful match this was, compared to the earlier ill tempered match. Taking 2 minutes less than the first but going to 5 games, it was a delightful exhibition of disciplined, well played squash between the tournament favourite Aisling Blake from Ireland and 21 year old #4 seed Samantha Cornett from Canada, who had played exceptionally well throughout the tournament.

In the first two games Aisling was well in control and despite Samantha playing some great squash she could not keep up with the pace of Aisling, who took the games 11/7 and 11/6. When Aisling took an 8/4 lead in the third we all thought the match was over, but Samantha had ideas of her own.She fought her way back into the match, slowing Aisling down, and got to game ball at 10/8 thanks to a stroke call, Aisling got one back with a lovely low volley, but Samantha took the next to win the game 11/9. Game on ??? You betcha!

Samantha came out really strong racing into a 6/3 then 8/4 lead, Aisling got two points back but Sam was now so strong she finished the game off at 11/6. 2 games each and still anybody’s match. Sam got an early 4/3 lead but Aisling got back to her basic game and slowly turned the tide to take an 8/4 lead, then gave Same a stroke to get the hand back, but could not hold out strongly and with a shot into the tin gave Aisling match ball at 10/7.

With a tin from Aisling Sam saved the first match ballbut then Aisling got the next point to win the game 11/8 and the match 3 – 2, to a great round of applause from the appreciative audience which was so well deserved. A great match played by two lovely ladies who are both a great credit to our sport of squash.

Samantha:- I feel a little devastated really. I was so excited to get back from 2 nil down after tweaking my strategy.Too many tins in the first two games let me down but overall I am happy with the way my game is going.

Started hitting a little slower when 8/4 down in the third, Aisling is so fast I had to slow her down which I did successfully in the second half of the third and all through the fourth. Unfortunately for me she got herself back into the match in the fifth and took the game away from me.

Aisling:- That was a really tough five setter. For 2 and a half games I was in control, but then Sam took the game away from me and got consistently better and better. In the fifth I thought “better get back to basics” and I found a decent length again and it worked out well for me.

I was amazed at where Samantha got the energy from, but am delighted to be in the final tomorrow.

That’s it for today, am so looking forward to the final tomorrow.

Arthur Curran

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  1. Well done Arthur – you’re spot on with your match reports from last night.

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