PST Issues “Friendly” Challenge to PSA

The US-based Pro Squash Tour (PST) today issued a challenge to its UK-based opposite, the Professional Squash Association, and invited them to a one match “Friendly” between the two tours’ respective champions.

“I expect it would be the single most anticipated match of the era,” said PST Commissioner Joe McManus. “Even though it would be a “Friendly,” there will be passionate fans on both sides cheering for their guy.”

In his letter to PSA Chief Executive Alex Gough, McManus encouraged Gough to make an exception to the ban “preventing PSA members from competing in squash matches affiliated with the PST and accept the following challenge match.”

“He [Gough] can pick the date and place and bring whoever he wants,” continued McManus. “I’ll bring the winner of our finals in Detroit. It’ll be great entertainment, earn a truck load of press and be good for the visibility of the game.”

In 2010, the UK-based Professional Squash Association (PSA) banned its nearly 500 members from competing in the US-based Pro Squash Tour’s (PST) tournaments. The ban fractured the squash community and launched an international race for talent.

PST has several national champions competing on its tour. However, this season’s signings of Australian David Palmer and Egyptian Wael El Hindi helped to solidify PST’s standing as an elite tour. Palmer, with four British Open Titles and two World Open titles to his credit, is arguably the most dominant player of the past decade. And the colorful and charismatic Hindi won the 2010 U.S. Open Title, which US Squash calls the most important tournament in the United States.

Over 150 years old, squash is played by more than 20 million people in 185 countries. The Pro Squash Tour season begins in August and runs through May. The top 8 players from PST’s season standings will be invited to compete for its championship May 4-6 at the Detroit Athletic Club.

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