2011 at a Glance – July

Juniors were very much on the menu as 2011 entered its second half, with the World Championships in Herentals and Boston.

The Boys headed for Belgium, and it was an Egyptian party as they provided all four semi-finalists, with El Shorbagy being engraved on the trophy for the third time, but this time it was Marwan who got the accolades.

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Then it was across the Atlantic for the girls at Boston’s Harvard University where defending champion Amanda Sobhy lost out in the semis as another all-Egyptian final transpired. Fittingly, it was Nour El Tayeb who triumphed at the third time of asking, and it was no surprise when Egypt retained their team title too.

[pe2-gallery] DSC_2842.JPGDSC_2925.JPGDSC_2969.JPGDSC_3046.JPGDSC_3129.JPGDSC_3227.JPG[/pe2-gallery] [pe2-gallery] DSC_7763.JPGDSC_7798.JPGDSC_7972.JPGDSC_8051.JPGDSC_8172.JPGDSC_8205.JPGDSC_8250.JPGDSC_8394.JPGDSC_8302.JPGDSC_8393.JPGDSC_8574.JPG[/pe2-gallery]

The teams had some fun on Harvard’s football pitch too …

[pe2-gallery] DSC_3331.JPGDSC_3529.JPGDSC_3565.JPGDSC_3630.JPGDSC_4094.JPGDSC_4138.JPGDSC_4470.JPGDSC_4529.JPGDSC_5332.JPGDSC_5537.JPGDSC_5802.JPGDSC_6609.JPG[/pe2-gallery]

The biggest senior tournament was the Malaysian Open in KL, where Greg Gaultier joined Nicol David on the decidedly orange themed podium – for Nicol it was a seventh title, as she continued to amass titles and records, although she gave the Singapore Masters a miss leaving the way clear for Madeline Perry to claim the title. Gaultier dedicated his win to Michele Lecomte, who passed away earlier in the month

Bryan Patterson led his CitySquash kids on their 34-day Ride Across America, and Squash was shortlisted for the 2020 Olympics.

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