Inter County Finals 2014





Play offs for over all finishing positions took place Sunday morning

Men 7/8: Oxfordshire v Durham & Cleveland

Oxfordshire made sure of avoiding the wooden spoon against Durham & Cleveland with 3-0 wins at Geekie also won at 3rd string beating Paul Davies 3-1. Consolation wins for Yawar Abbas and Andrew Cross at 4 and 5 for Durham.

Oxfordshire v               Durham & Cleveland
Scott Handley                            Danny Hockburn              3-0              11/4 11/6 11/5
Mark Cairns                            Gareth Lumsdon              3-0              11/2 11/2 11/1
Jon Geekie                            Paul Davies                            3-1              11/2 6/11 11/3 11/8
Nelson Fung                            Yawar Abbas                            1-3              11/7 3/11 8/11 14/16
Mark Webster                            Andy Cross                            0-3              7/11 1/11 6/11
                                          Oxfordshire              3-2              

Men 5/6: Sussex v Yorkshire

Sussex showed sparkling form to take 5th place with an emphatic win over Yorkshire. 3-0 wins for strings 1-4, Tim Vail, Tim Garner, Brandon Hanley, and Steve Wykes, with only Andrew Widdison putting up any real resistance for the northerners with a good 3-2 win over Miles Jenkins.

Sussex                            v              Yorkshire                            Score              Games
Tim Vail                                          Dom Hamilton                            3-0              11/7 11/8 11/7
Tim Garner                            Taminder Gata-Aura              3-0              13/11 11/7 11/2
Brandon Hanley                            Alex Hodgetts                            3-0              11/5 11/4 11/8
Steve Wykes                            Sam Wileman                            3-0              11/4 11/5 11/4
Miles Jenkins                            Andrew Widdison              2-3              11/5 10/12 11/9 3/11 8/11
                                          Sussex              4-1              

Men 3 /4: Kent v Surrey

Neil Frankland ensured that he went through the weekend unbeaten securing a comfortable win over Bradley Masters to put Surrey ahead. Bradleys brother Josh also made it 3 out of 3 with a fine 3-1 win against the experienced Phil Rushworth. A tight 3rd between Chris Tomlinson and James Simpson, went the way of Surrey’s Simpson 3-2. A tight opening               first game between the 2nd strings Charles Sharpes and Steve London, went the way of London, and despite losing the second, he came through to win 3-1 for Kent. Ben Ford couldn’t live with his younger opponent Joe Lee who won3-0 to give Surrey 3rd place.

Kent                            v              Surrey                                          Score              Games
Ben Ford                            Joe Lee                                          0-3              10/12 3/11 4/11
Steve London                            Charles Sharpes                            3-1              14/12 7/11 11/3 11/4
Chris Tomlinson                            James Simpson                            2-3              12/10 10/12 11/7 6/11 4/11
Josh Masters                            Phil Rushworth                            3-1              12/10 8/11 11/1 14/12
Brad Masters                            Neil Frankland                            0-3              5/11 8/11 9/11
                                          Surrey              3-2              

Women 7/8: Warwickshire v Leicestershire

A great battle between these already relegated teams. Wins at the bottom of the order for Lisa Key, Jill Chilvers, and Rachel Woolford consigned Leicstershire to 8th place, but a good performance from Rachel Calver beating Alicia Mead 3-1 made it 3-1 and young Lily Taylor played very well indeed to beat the more experienced Leonie Holt. It would be interesting to see how Leicestershire would fare with Marie Taylor topping the order, and Warwickshire with Chloe Pearson and Sarah Jane Perry

Warwickshire              v              Leicestershire              Score              Games
Leonie Holt                            Lily Taylor              2-3              7/11 11/5 9/11 11/9 9/11
Alicia Mead                            Rachel Calver              1-3              12/10 10/12 3/11 9/11
Lisa Key                                          Laura Campbell              3-0              11/9 11/2 11/7
Jill Chilvers                            Tracey Sykes              3-1              11/9 14/12 4/11 13/11
Rachel Woolford              Debbie Bowen              3-0              11/7 12/10 11/4
                                          Warwickshire              3-2              

Women 5/6: Yorkshire v Kent

Yorkshire were in combative mood and they utilised there experience to overcome Kent’s young side 4-1. A great top string match between Kirsty McPhee and Gina Kennedy could have gone either way, but McPhee used her experience to take it 11/6 in the 5th. Wins for Jess Dixon , Andrea Santa Maria and Ellen Cooper at 3, 4 and 5 showed that Yorkshire had recovered from their lift drama of yesterday (the lift is still out of action by the way). Amelia Henley was Kent’s only winner, 3-0 over Claire Walker.

Yorkshire                            v              Kent                            Score              Games
Kirsty McPhee                                          Gina Kennedy              3-2              7/11 14/12 8/11 11/4 11/6
Claire Walker                                          Amelia Henley              0-3              7/11 6/11 14/16
Jess Dixon                                Stephanie Shaw              3-1              11/5 9/11 11/8 11/7
Andrea Santamaria                            Louise Gregory              3-0              11/7 11/5 11/5
Ellen Cooper                                          Beth Seaman              3-0              11/2 12/10 11/2
                                                        Yorkshire              4-1              

Women 3-4: Essex v Gloucestershire

First blood went to Gloucestershire with Elin Jones winning 3-1 in the opening 5th string rubber. Ellie Lake pipped Elise Lazarus 3-1 at 3rd string to give Gloucester what would prove to be an unassailable lead despite the fine efforts of Sohpie Lemom winning 3- 0 at 4th string and Lauren Briggs overcoming Julianne Courtice by the same margin it was Gloucestershire’s Jenny Tamblyn who beat Keeley Taylor 3-1 to give the newcomers a fine 3rd placed finishing spot.

Essex                                          Gloucestershire                            Score              Games
Lauren Briggs                            Julianne Courtice              3-0              11/8 11/3 11/4
Keeley Taylor                            Jenny Tamblyn                     0-3              8/11 4/11 9/11
Elise Lazarus                            Ellie Lake                            1-3              9/11 11/5 10/12 8/11
Sophie Lemom                            Amber Peacey                   3-0              11/7 11/6 11/7
Sarah Neller                            Elin Jones                            1-3              7/11 5/11 14/12 10/12
                                          Gloucestershire                            3-2              


MEN: Hertfordshire v Essex

The stakes were high for these neighbouring counties and the 70 minute first rubber between 5th strings Joe Green and Jack Jago bore this out. Green took the first game, and was up in the 2nd before Jago took it 14/12. It seemed that Essex would get the perfect start as Jago then took the 3rd 11/8, but with his team mates urging him on, Green took the closely contested 4th 11/8. This seemed to knock Jago and he never got a foothold in the 5th, losing it 11/5, to give Hertfordshire a dream start.

Youseff Abdalla started brightly against Angus Gillams and took the first game to the delight of Essex. Long rallies and excellent retrieving in the 2nd gave Gillams a toehold in the match and he took the 2nd 11/7. He continued to exert his game on Abdulla in the next 2 games which he won 11/4 11/9 to put Hertfordshire firmly in control of the match. 4th string Nick Mulvey was in full control throughout his 4th string match beating Rory Pennell 3-0 to give Hertfordshire the title. Meanwhile on the adjacent court the match of the day was unfolding between top strings Adrian Waller and Ben Coleman. Waller started slowly and Coleman took full advantage, with an 11/4 score line.

The next game swung the other way and Waller took it 11/4, back came Coleman in the 3rd 11/6, but that really was the last of his resistance as Waller played some really good stuff in the next two games to take them 11/4 and 11/6 in just over 70 minutes. Chris Ryder completed the whitewash beating Richie Fallows 3-1 at 2nd string, and whilst there were flashes of brilliance form Fallows, Ryder played the more controlled game and ran out a 3-1 winner. So after several seasons in runner up spot, Hertfordshire finally got their hands on the trophy they won 6 seasons ago.

Hertfordshire              v              Essex                                          Score              Games
Adrian Waller                     Ben Coleman                 3-2           4/11 11/4 6/11 11/4 11/6
Chris Ryder                     Richie Fallows                      3-1              11/4 11/3 6/11 11/2
Angus Gillams                       Youssef Abdalla                  3-1              7/11 11/7 11/4 11/9
Nick Mulvey                      Rory Pennell                   3-0              11/8 11/1 11/9
Joe Green                     Jack Jago                       3-2              11/8 12/14 8/11 11/8 11/5
                         Hertfordshire              5-0              


WOMEN: Cheshire v Surrey

Cheshire captain Kirsty West had started the weekend not as confident of Cheshire retaining their title due to the unavailability of 2 key players, and she might have been more concerned as Surrey took the vital opening rubber 3-0 when Isabell Tweedle beat Annie Openshaw-Blower 3-0 as well as the 3rd string game between Olivia Howell and Alison Thomson – the latter showing no ill effects from her 18th birthday part the evening before battling to a tight 3-1 victory to put Surrey in touching distance of the title.

West then stopped the rot with an emphatic 3-0 win against Emma Matthews at 4th string to raise Cheshire’s hopes, and they were raised even higher when Emily Whitlock efficiently despatched Nada El Kalawaay in the first string match. The tension on the gallery grew as the 2nd string players stepped on court, each hoping to be the heroine of the day. Harriet Ingham just took a close first game 11/7, but all credit to Rachel Chadwick who battled hard to level things 13/11 in the 2nd, but the effort in doing so gave Harriet a golden opportunity in the 3rd which she duly took winning 11/3.

Ingham knew she had a tough task to win the next 2 games, but she worked extremely hard in the 4th and with her opponent tightening up looked as if she might take it, but Chadwick came through 11/8 to give Cheshire a richly deserved win to keep hold of the title for another season

Cheshire              v                 Surrey                  Score              Games
Emily Whitlock                      Nada El-Kalaawy            3-0              11/7 11/5 11/2
Rachel Chadwick                        Harriet Ingham                       3-1              11/7 11/13 11/3 11/8
Olivia Howell                    Alison Thomson                    1-3              11/9 9/11 10/12 10/12
Kirsty West                    Emma Matthews              3-0              11/8 11/9 12/10
Annie Openshaw-Blower              Isabelle Tweedle              0-3            4/11 5/11 8/11
                                                        Cheshire 3-2              





Hertfordshire v Oxfordshire

A powerful display from Hertfordshire as they beat Oxfordshire 5-0, with wins for Adrian Waller, Chris Ryder, Nick Mulvey, Joe Green and Keith Timms easing them through to the semi. This left Scott Handley and his team needing a win in the afternoon match to avoid relegation to the first Division.

Hertfordshire v               Oxon                              Score              Games
Adrian Waller                            Scott Handley              3-1              4/11 11/7 11/5 11/4
Chris Ryder                            Mark Cairns              3-0              11/1 11/8 11/3
Nick Mulvey                            Jon Geekie              3-0              11/6 11/2 11/8
Joe Green                            Joe Brooke              3-0              11/9 11/8 11/2
Keith Timms                            Nelson Fung              3-1              11/9 7/11 11/6 11/7
                                          Hertfordshire              5-0              

Kent v Sussex

This was a tighter affair. James Evans and Chris Tomlinson got Kent of to a perfect start, both beating their opponents Miles Jenkins and Brandon Handley 3-1. Sussex now had to win a rubber to stay in the match as Captain Tim Vail took on Ben Ford. Vail took an extremely tight game 13/11, but Ford came back in the next 2. Vail took another tight 4th 8/11 before falling short in the 5th as Ford took it 11/8 to put Kent through to the semi’s and to leave Sussex on the brink.

Kent                            v                            Sussex                            Score              Games
Ben Ford                                          Tim Vail                            3-2              11/13 11/6 11/9 8/11 11/8
Steve London                                          Tim Garner              1-3              11/9 9/11 8/11 1/11
Chris Tomlinson                                          Brandon Hanley              3-1              11/7 7/11 14/12 11/7
Josh Masters                                          Steve Wykes              3-0              11/6 11/9 11/5
James Evans                                          Miles Jenkins              3-1              11/7 11/9 7/11 11/6
                                                        Kent              4-1              

Yorkshire v Essex

5th string Andrew Widdison got Yorkshire off to a great start beating Jack Jago 3-2 in a close 5th string encounter. However, Essex turned on the burners in the remaining rubbers, to take all four 3-0. Richie Fallows impressing in his 20 minute win over Dom Hamilton

Yorkshire                            v              Essex                            Score              Games
James Earles                                          Ben Coleman              0-3              10/12 0/11 5/11
Dom Hamilton                                          Richie Fallows              0-3              5/11 8/11 6/11
Taminder Gata Aura                            Youssef Abdalla              0-3              2/11 9/11 12/14
Alex Hodgetts                                          Rory Pennell              0-3              6/11 6/11 6/11
Andrew Widdison                            Jack Jago              3-2              11/7 10/12 15/13 8/11 11/7
Essex              1-4              

Surrey v Yorkshire

Favourties and current Champions Surrey were in equally impressive form making short work of Durham and Cleveland in a 5-0 whitewash. 3-0 wins at the top of the order for Joe Lee, Charles Sharpes and James Simpson.

Surrey                             v              Durham & Cleveland                            Score              Games
Joe Lee                                          Danny Hockburn                            3-0              11/8 11/8 11/8
Charles Sharpes                            Gareth Lumsdon                            3-0              11/8 11/4 11/3
James Simpson                            Chris Gillespie                                          3-0              11/4 11/7 11/4
Phil Rushworth                            Paul Davies                                          3-2              11/7 11/4 5/11 7/11 11/4
Neil Frankland                            Andy Cross                                          3-1              7/11 11/7 11/6 11/9
                                          Surrey              5-0              


Essex v Kent

Essex, with a fine blend of youth and experience eased past Kent 4-1 with only Keeley Taylor losing to Amelia Henley.

Essex                            v              Kent                            Score              Games
Lauren Briggs                            Gina Kennedy              3-0              11/6 11/3 11/3
Keeley Taylor                            Amelia Henley              0-3              3/11 3/11 2/11
Elise Lazarus                            Stephanie Shaw              3-0              11/7 11/7 11/3
Sophie Lemom                            Louise Gregory              3-0              11/5 11/6 11/2
Sarah Neller                            Beth Seaman              3-0              11/2 11/2 11/2
                                          Essex              4-1

Cheshire v Leicestershire

Holders Cheshire was ruthless in the defence of their crown drubbing Leicestershire 5-0. Lily Taylor was the only Leicestershire player to get points on the board going down 3-1 to Emily Whitlock.

Cheshire                            v              Leicestershire              Score              Games
Emily Whitlock                                          Lily Taylor              3-1              8/11 11/9 11/8 11/6
Rachel Chadwick                            Rachel Calver              3-1              11/2 11/3 11/9
Olivia Howell                                          Laura Campbell              3-0              11/6 11/4 11/6
Kirsty West                                          Tracey Sykes              3-0              11/5 11/6 11/5
Annie Openshaw-Blower              Debbie Bowen              3-0              11/5 11/6 11/4
                                                        Cheshire              5-0              

Warwickshire v Gloucestershire

These neighbouring counties were evenly matched. Rachel Woolford took the 5th string match for Warwickshire against Elin Jones.. Ellie Lake at 3rd string levelled things up for Gloucestershire beating Lisa Key 3-1. 4th string for Gloucestershire Amber Peacey played a great match versus Jill Chivers and just nicked it 13/11 in the 5th to put Gloucester ahead. Back came Warwickshire with a stylish win by Leonie Holt over Julianne Courtice to leave the match all square and pile pressure on the 2nd strings. Alicia Mead looked to have put Warwickshire in the semi as she went 2-0 up v Jenny Tamblyn, but then seemed to run out of steam as Tamblyn took the next 3 11/5 11/2 11/9 to put a delighted Gloucestershire through to their first semi.

Warwickshire               v              Gloucestershire                            Score              Games
Leonie Holt                            Julianne Courtice              3-1              5/11 11/9 11/5 11/9
Alicia Mead                            Jenny Tamblyn                            2-3              11/8 11/5 5/11 2/11 6/11
Lisa Key                                          Ellie Lake                            1-3              7/11 10/12 11/7 8/11
Jill Chilvers                            Amber Peacey                            2-3              3/11 7/11 11/6 11/9 11/13
Rachel Woolford              Elin Jones                            3-0              11/9 11/7 11/3
Gloucestershire                            3-2

Surrey v Yorkshire

Surrey equalled the ruthlessness of their male counterparts dismantling Yorkshire 5-0, which sent the alarm bells ringing through the other teams, especially when their top 3, Nada El Kalawayy, Harriet Ingham and Alison Thomson had a combined age of just 58 years..

SURREY                             v              YORKSHIRE                            Score              Games
Nada El Kalaawy              Kirsty McPhee                            3-1              11/6 7/11 11/7 11/8
Harriet Ingham                            Claire Walker                            3-0              11/9 11/6 11/8
Alison Thomson                            Jess Dixon                            3-0              11/7 11/6 11/3
Emma Mathews              Andrea Santamaria              3-1              11/9 5/11 12/10 11/6
Isabelle Tweedle              Ellen Cooper                            3-0              12/10 11/5 11/5
                                          Surrey              5-0



Hertfordshire v Kent

Kent were brimming with confidence after their earlier victory over Surrey, but 5th string for Hertfordshire Keith Timms played a battling 5th string match to beat James Evans 3-1 in 51 minutes to set Herts on their way. Another tight match between Angus Gillams and Chris Tomlinson put Herts further in control as Gillams ran out the 3-2 winner in 52 minutes. Josh Masters gave Kent some hope as he continued his first round form to beat Nick Mulvey 3-1. Herts top string Adrian Waller sealed their place in the final beating Ben Ford 3-0 and Chris Ryder put the icing on the cake with a 3-0 win at 2nd string

Hertfordshire                            Kent                            Score              Games              
Adrian Waller                            Ben Ford              3-0              11/7 11/6 11/3              
Chris Ryder                            Steve London              3-0              11/1 11/4 11/4              
Angus Gillams                            Chris Tomlinson              3-2              9/11 7/11 11/6 11/6 11/1              
Nick Mulvey                            Josh Masters              1-3              9/11 3/11 11/8 4/11              
Keith Timms                            James Evans              3-1              11/5 10/12 12/10 13/11              
                                          Hertfordshire              4-1              

Essex v Surrey

This looked like it may be a very close match, and it certainly lived up to that billing. Surrey Captain Neil Frankland took the first game 17/15 in his 5th string encounter with Jack Jago, and then easily came through the next two to win 3-0. Yusef Abdalla levelled the tie when he beat James Simpson 3-0 at 3rd string. Rory Pennell then took Essex ahead with a 3-0 victory over Wimbledon pro Phil Rushworth, leaving the reigning champions needing Joe Lee to keep them alive in his 2nd string match versus Ben Coleman. An entertaining match unfolded with Lee taking the 1st 11/6, Coleman the 2nd 11/7, and the see saw pattern continued the 3rd and 4th to leave it all square before the deciding 5th game. Lee played the slightly more controlled squash winning 11/6 and this 86 minute victory kept Surrey in the tie. Everything then rested on the 2nd strings, Charles Sharpes for Surrey and Richie Fallows for Essex. The tension was palpable, both on and off the court with a gallery packed to the rafters with home supporters. The first game was extremely tight with Sharpes edging it 12/10. Fallows playing in an extremely aggressive style seemed to upset the flow of Sharpes in the 2nd and the Essex No 2 took it 11/7. Sharpes took the 3rd 14/12 and did extremely well to hold his game and temper together in an extremely tough 3rd game, with Fallows looking to provoke him at every opportunity. Fallows then took the 4th 11/9, to set up a nail biting final game. Passions were close to boiling over both on and off the court throughout this game, which swung one way and the other. Fallows finally took it 11/9, to the delight of his team but to the frustration of the Surrey supporters and squad.

Essex                            v              Surrey                            Score              Games
Ben Coleman                            Joe Lee                            2-3              6/11 11/7 8/11 11/9 6/11
Richie Fallows                            Charles Sharpes              3-2              10/12 11/7 12/14 11/9 11/9
Youssef Abdalla                            James Simpson              3-1              8/11 11/8 11/8 11/9
Rory Pennell                            Phil Rushworth              3-0              11/4 11/1 11/8
Jack Jago                            Neil Frankland              0-3              15/17 4/11 5/11
                                          Essex              3-2               

Oxfordshire v Sussex

Both teams were keenly aware that the losers of this encounter would be relegated to Division 1 next season, and the tie reflected this throughout, with Sussex knowing that they needed their lower string players to the business for them. Miles Jenkins duly responded at 5th string recovering from 1 game down to beat Ross Gore to give Sussex an important edge. Jon Geekie took control early on in the 3rd string match going 2 up, but big Brandon Handley took the next 2 and then came through in a tight 5th 12/10. 4th string Steve Wykes also came from 2 down to beat Joe Brooke, to maintain Sussex’s status as a Premier League side. Scott Handley and Mark Cairns both won 3-0 at 1st And 2nd strings for Oxon

Oxfordshire              v              Sussex                                          Score              Games
Scott Handley                            Tim Vail                                          3-0              11/6 11/6 11/5
Mark Cairns                            Tim Garner                            3-0              11/8 11/3 11/4
Jon Geekie                            Brandon Hanley                            2-3              11/2 11/8 4/11 10/12 5/11
Joe Brooke                            Steve Wykes                            2-3              11/4 11/6 5/11 8/11 2/11
Ross Gore                            Miles Jenkins                            2-3              4/11 11/5 4/11 12/10 8/11
                                          Sussex              3-2              

Yorkshire v Durham & Cleveland

Again the losers of this tie would be relegated, and again it was a close run thing, dependant on the form of the lower order. Andrew Widdison came through a gruelling 60 minute encounter with Yawar Abbas 14/12 in the 5th to draw first blood for the White Rose County. 3rd string Taminder Gata Aura doubled their lead beating Chris Gillespie 3-1. 4th string Sam Wileman consigned the Teesiders to Division 1 with a 3-1 victory over Paul Davies. Danny Hockbourn and Gareth Lumsden prevented a whitewash by winning at 1 & two for Durham.

Yorkshire                            v              Durham & Cleveland              Score              Games
James Earles                                          Danny Hockburn              2-3              7/11 7/11 11/7 12/10 9/11
Dom Hamilton                                          Gareth Lumsdon              2-3              7/11 11/8 2/11 12/14
Taminder Gata-Aura                            Chris Gillespie                            3-1              11/8 12/10 2/11 11/9
Sam Wileman                                          Paul Davies                            3-1              9/11 11/5 11/7 11/9
Andrew Widdison                            Yawar Abbas                            3-2              12/10 11/7 9/11 3/11 14/12
                                                        Yorkshire              3-2              



Essex v Cheshire

Holders Cheshire knew that they had to be at their best to overcome a confident Essex team and started off well with Sarah Neller beating Annie Openshaw-Blower 3-0 in just 23 minutes. Sophie Lemom pushed the Essex girls closer to the final with an equally emphatic win over Kirsty West. Elise Lazarus did extremely well to push Olivia Howell all the way at 3rd string, but the Cheshire player prevailed 11/5 in the 5th to keep them in the tie. Emily Whitlock was too god for Lauren Briggs at first string and drew the tie level as she beat Lauren Briggs 3-0. Despite a good fight from Essex 2nd string Keeley Taylor, Rachel Chadwick was just 2 strong winning 3-0 to take Cheshire through to another final

Essex                             v              Cheshire                            Score              Games
Lauren Briggs                            Emily Whitlock                             0-3              7/11 7/11 6/11
Keeley Taylor                            Rachel Chadwick               0-3              6/11 10/12 0/11
Elise Lazarus                            Olivia Howell                             2-3              7/11 5/11 11/7 11/5 5/11
Sophie Lemom                            Kirsty West                             3-0              11/7 11/5 11/7
Sarah Neller                            Annie Openshaw-Blower 3-0              11/2 11/8 11/9
                                          Cheshire              3-2              

 Gloucestershire v Surrey

The 2 youngest sides in the competition squared up in the other semi-final deciding tie.

Captain and elder statesman Isabelle Tweedle got the home side of to a great start beating Elin Jones 3-2 in 35 minutes. This gave confidence to her young charges with birthday girl Alison Thomson celebrating her 18th in style by beating Ellie Lake 3-0. So one more win needed by Surrey and this was duly delivered by Emma Matthew’s 3-0 victory over Amber Peacey. Nada El Kalawaay belied her 18 years with a confident 3-0 victory over Julianne Courtice at the top of the order and Harriet Ingham completed the whitewash 3-0 over Jenny Tamblyn

Gloucestershire                            v              Surrey              Score              Games
Julianne Courtice                            Nada El-Kalaawy              0-3              2/11 6/11 5/11
Jenny Tamblyn                                          Harriet Ingham                            0-3              3/11 3/11 7/11
Ellie Lake                                          Alison Thomson                            0-3              1/11 6/11 8/11
Amber Peacey                                          Emma Mathews              0-3              9/11 9/11 8/11
Elin Jones                                          Isabelle Tweedle              2-3              4/11 11/8 11/9 8/11 11/2
                                                        Surrey              5-0

Kent v Leicestershire

Kent made sure that they would be back in the Premier League next season with a hard fought 3-2 victory over newly promoted Leicestershire. Wins at the top of the order for Gina Kennedy, Amelia Henley and Stephanie Shaw over Lily Taylor, Rachael Calver and Laura Campbell, 3-1, 3-0 and 3-0 did the trick. Leicestershire pulled in the points at the bottom of the order with Tracey Sykes comfortably beating Louise Gregory 3-0 and Debbie Bown 3-2, versus Beth Seaman

Kent                                          v              Leicestershire              Score              Games
Gina Kennedy                                          Lily Taylor              3-1              10/12 11/9 12/10 11/4
Amelia Henley                                          Rachel Calver              3-0              11/7 11/2 12/10
Stephanie Shaw                                          Laura Campbell              3-0              15/13 11/6 11/5
Louise Gregory                                          Tracey Sykes              0-3              5/11 4/11 3/11
Beth Seaman                                          Debbie Bowen              2-3              10/12 7/11 11/5 11/3 9/11
                                                        Kent              3-2              

Warwickshire v Yorkshire

Weakened by the loss of key players, Warwickshire’s premier status hung in the balance as they took on Yorkshire. Rachel Woolford bravely fought back from 2-0 against Ellen Cooper, but it wasn’t enough as the Yorkshire lass to the opening 5th string rubber 3-2. Yorkshire again won 3-2 in the 3rd string match but it was Warwickshire’s Lisa Key who went 2 up, only for Jess Dixon to fight back and take the 5th 11/5. Leonie Holt, captain and first string for Warwickshire had to win to stave off relegation, and she duly did, beating Kirsty McPhee 3-1. 4th string Andrea Santa Maria made sure of survival for Yorkshire when she beat Jill Chilvers 3-1. Alicia Mead gave Gloucestershire some consolation beating Claire Walker 3-1 at 2nd string. So Yorkshire stay up, despite doing their best not to make it to the club at all after getting stuck in the hotel lift earlier in the day.

Warwickshire              v              Yorkshire                            Score              Games
Leonie Holt                            Kirsty McPhee                            3-1              9/11 12/10 11/3 11/9
Alicia Mead                            Claire Walker                            3-1              11/5 7/11 11/6 11/6
Lisa Key                                          Jess Dixon                            2-3              11/6 11/9 6/11 4/11 5/11
Jill Chilvers                            Andrea Santamaria              1-3              11/5 6/11 6/11 8/11
Rachel Woolford              Ellen Cooper                            2-3              7/11 9/11 11/4 11/3 5/11

Yorkshire                            3-2       


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