National Champions 2014

 The WSF has designated a number of “Nationals Championships Weeks” this year, here’s the National Champions we’ve heard about …


Poland:  It looks like a great week in Wroclaw for the Polish Nationals, where Marcin Karwowski claimed his third title and Magda Kaminska won for the first time.

SH5570 SH5571 SH5569

Egypt: Karim Darwish and Raneem El Weleily win the Egyptian titles in Cairo.


Canada: Sam Cornett takes a second consecutive title as Shahier Razik regains the men’s title to notch up a 7th. Full Canadian Nationals results

SH5225 SH5226


More multiple successes a Borja Golan reached a dozen with a 12th Spanish title at home in Santiago, where Xisela Aranda took her fifth, and  Nicolas Mueller and Gaby Huber creeping up with 8 and 7 Swiss titles. In Denmark Kristian Frost  won his fourth title, Line Hansen won for the ninth time.


SH_301 SH_303 SH_300 SH4514

SH_307 SH_305 SH_306 SH_304


Brigit Coufal and Aqeel Rehman both collected their 8th Austrian titles,  Rehman beating Jakob Dirnberger 3/1 in a repeat final of last year, while Coufal beat surprise finalist Sandra Polak 3/0

SH4380 SH4378 SH4379 SH4377

Country Men's Champion Titles Women's Champion titles
Poland  Marcin Karwowski 3  Magda Kaminska 1
Egypt Karim Darwish ? Raneem El Weleily ?
Canada Shahier Razik 7 Sam Cornett 2
Denmark Kristian Frost 4 Line Hansen 9
Spain Borja Golan 12  Xisela Aranda 5
Switzerland Nicolas Mueller 8 Gaby Huber-Schmohl 7
Ukraine  Denys Podvornyi 3 Nadia Usenko 2
Austria Aqeel Rehman 8 Birgit Coufal 8
India Saurav Ghosal 9 ? ?
Scotland Alan Clyne ? Lauren Gray ?
Czech Rep. Jan Koukal 15 Olga Ertlova 3
USA Julian Illingworth 9 Sabrina Sobhy 1
Germany Simon Rosner 8 Franziska Hennes 2
Finland Olli Tuominen 15 Elina Kononen 2
British Nick Matthew 6 Alison Waters 4
Netherlands Laurens Jan Anjema 9 Milou van der Heijden 1
France Grégoire Marche 1 Camille Serme 6
Ireland Arthur Gaskin 2  Madeline Perry 14
Belgium Stefan Casteleyn 18 Nele Gilis 2

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  1. Aside from Madeline Perry being the Ireland Men’s champion, how does that work with her being in the British Nationals?

  2. Ah, good spot !

    Irish, Scottish and Welsh players have their own Nationals, and are eligible for the British Nationals too. In the juniors there are separate British and English championships, but there’s no English Nationals for the seniors.

  3. There is an English National Closed, being held at Bexley, Kent, on 5th/6th April. Due to the Ranking Points for the event, it is not in the interest of top-ranked players to enter as their points average would suffer. Nevertheless, it is a very competitive event with a strong entry, so the points awarded are well deserved. It has to be said that this is in stark contrast to “National Champion” status and, of course, the World Ranking points awarded where the level of competition is weak, as in small islands.

  4. So both the British & Irish Nationals include Northern Ireland. Interesting. I wonder if there’s an ROI competition.

  5. Belgium :

    CASTELEYN Stefan = 18 x
    GILIS Nele = 2 x

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