Khan Tips #8: To keep on Improving … change that routine

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Time to hone your game in the quiet Summer period with a series of tips from Khan Squash … unashamedly repeated from our archives !

#8: Change that routine

SH_1100To keep on Improving … change that routine

One of the main reasons why squash players stop improving is when they start getting into the same routine.

Let’s assume you have two or three regular games with the same players every week. Let’s also assume you play at the same times and on the same courts. This adds up to the same routine.

Here’s a new regime to consider:

Keep your regular games in your schedule. Just cut down on the frequency. Play the same players you’ve been accustomed to every other week instead of every week. Use your regulars as reference points to gage your improvement. But, let’s start making room for new players.

SH_1104The best way to meet new players is through tournaments and club leagues in your area. Get involved in these types of squash competitions. The club league matches will expose you to new players that have different tactics. These new tactical strategies to beat you on courts you never played on can be quite a challenge. Anticipating shots and adapting to new styles of play help you focus on your game.

If you ever have a great match with a new player, exchange phone numbers for more games at his or her club in the future.

In essence, pulling yourself out of your comfort zone will restart your improvement curve.

SH_1099Try to have matches on different courts. Every court is different. Your once killer crosscourt may not be as effective on a slower less predictable court. This will resort you to use other shots and probably force you to use a different game plan. This is what you need to stay on top of your game.

Also, plan a morning match once a week. Playing squash at the same time tends to make you play your best game at that time. Sometime tournament matches are early in the morning, so play a 6am match once a week.

Consider this new regime.

Start looking for new players and different courts to play squash. Use your regular games as reference points and start playing once a week in the morning.

This is a great way to kick-start your squash game.

Sakhi Khan


Get online Coaching from four former world number ones!

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