Khan Tips #7: More Power to the Arm

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Time to hone your game in the quiet Summer period with a series of tips from Khan Squash … unashamedly repeated from our archives !

#7: More Power to the Arm

Squash is a sport requiring stamina. Every squash player realizes this fact as soon as rallies get a bit longer. Many top players train outside the court. Some of them run. Others swim.

But, did you know that the top players realize one thing before starting to train outside the squash court. They realize that there are two types of stamina in squash.

SH_1134Cardiovascular fitness is described above. But, striking the ball with consistency is by far much more crucial. And the pros know this. What I mean is that your arm needs the strength and endurance to hit the ball continuously for an hour with good control.

If this is unattainable as of yet, don’t waste your time training outside the court until your arm can endure an hour of hard hitting. The pros know that without ball control – you’re dead on the tour no matter how fit you are!

SH_1138Have you noticed how much work your arm does as compared to your legs? If your arm goes, your legs can help you retrieve a bit longer before losing.

If your legs go, your arm can still hit winners because you don’t need to run for every single shot. But you do need to hit every single shot with your arm.

So practice hitting the ball as hard as possible without injuring yourself and see how long you can do it. Keep in mind that you’re not just blindly hitting the ball hard.

Try to control a twenty shot drive drill and then crosscourt to the other side for another twenty shot drive drill. Keep the ball moving at a high rate. Hit boasts, crosscourts and drives and go for the nick. Watch the ball!

SH_1137Have you ever really watched the ball for an hour without interruption. It’s not easy until you try it. Feel the lactic acid build up in your arm.

Before you know it, you’ll sense an improvement in your endurance and in your ability to concentrate on watching the ball. Time yourself!

Lengthen every practice session by five minutes until you’re able to hit relatively hard for a solid hour without let up.

After you’ve achieved this, do what the pros do. Start training outside the court.

Sakhi Khan


Get online Coaching from four former world number ones!


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