Khan Tips #4: Power Up

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Time to hone your game in the quiet Summer period with a series of tips from Khan Squash … unashamedly repeated from our archives !

#4: Time to Power Up …

SH_1022It’s time to power up. The key to hitting harder is efficient use of the wrist.

Keep the grip on your racquet as thin as possible to give your wrist the flexibility it needs in hard shots.

Keep your elbow in and snap your wrist when the ball is rising.

SH_1025If you start striking the ball on the rise rather than the peak of the bounce, you will snap your wrist faster.

Remember to tighten your grip at the point of impact and not sooner.

A hard shot has a uniquely solid feel to it.

It’s called the sweet spot. Find it.

Sahki Khan



Get online Coaching from four former world number ones!

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