Khan Tips #1 – Smooth Movement

Time to hone your game in the quiet Summer period with a series of tips from Khan Squash … unashamedly repeated from our archives !

Khan Tips #1 : Smooth Movement … 

SH_930Where are your feet ?

Smooth movement in a squash court in essential for winning squash. Keep in mind that not only is the correct foot needed, but how you take that crucial step.

Everyone should know a forehand shot is played off the left foot and a backhand shot off the right foot. But, did you know that most players place their feet incorrectly.

What does that mean?

Let’s say your opponent hits a crosscourt from the right-hand serve box area to the left-hand serve box area. You anticipate the shot and move towards the ball, striking a backhand off your right foot.

SH_932Perfect! Is this all that’s needed?

The answer is no. This is because for most of us anticipation and correct footwork is not enough to speed us up. There is an ingredient missing.

When you twist to step towards a shot, never let your knee rise too high off the ground.

Learn to skim the surface, without touching it, with the bottom of your shoes.

Many shots have passed me until I discovered that I didn’t need to raise my knee, but that I needed to keep my feet as close to the ground as possible as I ran. This eliminated the ‘hang time’ created by ‘high stepping’ to balls.

With your feet closer to the ground as you move, you’ll discover that running this way will get you less fatigued and get you to the ball faster, especially for those hard passing shots.

Sakhi Khan 


Get online coaching from four former world number ones !
Get online coaching from four former world number ones !

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  1. Opposite for left handers of course. In reality the game has changed and many coaches are saying you need to be able to hit of either foot particularly on forehand to free the hip,increase shot options, and aid deception!

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