Pop-up squash hits the biggest mall

 Britain’s biggest pop-up squash shop opened its doors today in The Street, at Westfield Shopping Centre, Stratford, and proved an instant hit with shoppers.

SP_989Set in the heartland of the London 2012 Olympics (squash hopes to secures its Olympic status for 2020 later this year), the squash shops provide a break from shopping for members of the public to get a taster for squash and racketball inside ‘The Big Hit’ shop, an unoccupied retail unit sandwiched between two of the high streets leading fashion brands.

The Big Hit campaign, www.thebighit.net, offers free ‘Try-It’ and social ‘Play-It’ sessions. The Westfield shop will give the public a taste for the racket sports from qualified coaches, and personal appearances from some of England’s elite players (many ranked within the World’s top 10), the concept of ‘pop-up’ squash shops brings the legacy of sport to the high street, engaging the public like never before with these popular sports.

SP_990Dropping in to undertake a spot of coaching will be some of England’s leading elite players including Londoner’s Peter Barker, Daryl Selby and 2013 National Champion Alison Waters.

Local resident Sivarasan Chowdrey, dropped in and made good use of the facility; “I think it’s great fun and amazing use of space. and just to be able to come and in and pick up a racket is inspirational. I haven’t played for almost 15 years, but this has inspired me to get back in to the game.”

Steve Amos, Head of National Network commented, “This is the perfect way to utilise empty retail space around the country, making good use of it to get the public playing a sport like squash is blindingly simple and part of a wider promotion with public facilities and clubs.”

SP_992www.thebighit.net is the place to go to find out more about the Big Hit and search for your nearest sessions.

The Big Hit squash shops are part of a nationwide tour, visiting ten cities throughout 2013.

Needing little more than a racket, a ball and a pair of trainers, squash and racketball are sociable, affordable, fast, challenging and easy to learn for sports and fitness fans alike. Free equipment is provided at all venues for all promotional activity.

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