Nicol retains winning ways in Cairo

SH_519Nicol retains winning ways in Cairo to take a 3-2 lead heading into London on the Xodus 7 Continent Challenge

Peter Nicol MBE and Tim Garner will find themselves briefly back on home soil on Friday when the Xodus 7 Continent Challenge comes to London.

The globetrotting pair will play at the historic RAC club in the heart of the British capital on Friday evening at 6.30pm before crossing the Atlantic to New York for the final stop of a punishing week of travel.

Nicol and Garner have already played five squash matches this week as part of a gruelling adventure that has seen them compete in Antartica, South America, Australia, Asia and Africa.


Thursday’s match in Cairo saw former World No.1 Nicol beat Garner 3-1 (11/8 5/11 11/9 12/10) in 51 minutes to edge 3-2  ahead in the series. Neither man has made a secret of their desire to beat the other but their bigger goal is to drive support for squash’s bid to become part of the Olympic Games in 2020.

“It’s going to be weird to be home after the week we’ve had, even if it’s just for a few hours,” said Garner.

“We’re both kind of running on fumes now but we’re keeping each other’s spirits up and it will be great to have our friends and family there in London to cheer us on. The support we’ve had around the world has been amazing.”

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Day Date Location Continent Result
Day 1 13-Apr Falkland Islands Antarctica  Nicol 3-2 (11/9 11/9 8/11 9/11 12/10)
Day 2 14-Apr Santiago Chile South America  Garner 3-2 (12/10 6/11 11/9 8/11 12/10)
Day 3 16-Apr Sydney Australia Oceania  Garner 3-1 (13/15 11/5 11/8 11/9) 
Day 4 17-Apr Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Asia  Nicol 3-2 (11/9 9/11 11/5 10/12 11/8)
Day 5 18-Apr Cairo Egypt Africa  Nicol 3-1 ((11/8 5/11 11/9 12/10)
Day 6 19-Apr London UK Europe
Day 7 20-Apr New York USA North America

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