National Squash Champions 2013

It’s the National Squash Championship season, and while we know the results of some of the events around Europe and other parts of the world, there are a lot we haven’t heard about …

Please let us know of any we don’t know about so we can compile a definitive list !

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Latest Updates:

Japan: five in a row for Misaki Kobayashi …  Ireland: 14 titles for Perry


SH_793  SH_876  SH_874 SH_1551

England* Nick Matthew 5 Alison Waters 3
France Gregory Gaultier 6 Camille Serme 5
Germany Simon Rosner 7 Franziska Hennes 1
Netherlands Laurens Jan Anjema 8 Natalie Grinham 3
Belgium Stefan Casteleyn 17 Nele Gilis 1
Wales Peter Creed 4 Tesni Evans 2
Sweden  Romain Tenant 1  Linnea Wallsten 1
New Zealand Campbell Grayson 2 Joelle King 3
Luxembourg Marcel Kramer 3 Sandra Denis 14
Norway  Kim Are Killingberg 4  Lotte Eriksen 9
USA Chris Gordon 1 Natalie Grainger 5
Czech Republic Jan Koukal 14 Olga Ertlova 2
Austria Aqeel Rehman 7 Birgit Coufal 7
Scotland Greg Lobban 1 Senga Macfie ??
Egypt Ramy Ashour 2 Nour El Tayeb ?
Canada Shawn Delierre 1 Sam Cornett 1
Slovakia Marek Marin 5 Linda Hruzikova 6
Finland Olli Tuominen 14 Elina Kononen 2
Switzerland Nicolas Mueller 7 Gaby Huber ??
Trinidad and Tobago Colin Ramasra 7 Rhea Khan 18
United Arab Emirates Adil Maqbool 9
Croatia Domagoj Spoljar 10 Paulina Rados 1
Hong Kong Leo Au 2 Joey Chan 2
Barbados Gavin Cumberbatch 4 Karen Meakins 13
Japan Shinnosukue Tsukue ? Misaki Kobayashi 5
Ireland Arthur Gaskin 2 Madeline Perry 14

SP_1726  SH_195 SH_196

SH_203  SH_200  SH_235

_DSC0063-1 SH_260 SH_261

3-02cc810fec2889890100458bf727d61860682af7 SH_094 SH_656

SH_659 SH_1301 SH0388

* Technically “British”, but we have Welsh, Scottish and Irish champions too

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  1. Jeroen Mulderij

    Third title for Natalie Grinham 🙂

  2. NZ (late-ish in 2012…) Campbell Grayson (2) and Joelle King (3)


    Men : Marcel KRAMER 3rd title
    Women : Sandra DENIS 14th title in succession

  4. Norway:

    Men: Kim Are Killingberg (4)
    Women: Lotte Erisken (8)

    Full results:

  5. Alexandros bovalis

    Fabian kalaitzis 12 times Greek chanpion

  6. Iceland:
    Men: Róbert Fannar Halldórsson (6)
    Women: Rósa Jónsdóttir (11)

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