Steph set to retire

Long-Time Canadian Squash Star set to Retire

By Neil Trousdale

SH_530Three points in three matches. Stephanie Edmison’s squash career did not begin with a bang; instead it was three humbling losses for a nine year old girl at her first ever tournament. For most athletes, such a performance would lead to doubt about their abilities, but Stephanie would not be dispirited so easily.

“Despite those three humiliating loses; I somehow believed I was going to have a bright future in squash.”

Over the next sixteen years, a prediction that initially seemed like fantasy turned into quite an understatement.

SH_529Two Junior National titles, Three Canadian University Championships, One Canadian Doubles Championship, second place at the Canadian National Championships, Junior Pan American Gold and Silver medals; all would be claimed by Stephanie Edmison. In 2011, as a part of Team Canada, Stephanie would win gold and bronze at the Pan-America Games; a feat that Stephanie counts as the most memorable moment in her career.

Last December, Stephanie was chosen for the second time to represent Canada at the Women’s World Team Championships, the most prestigious event on the international squash calendar. After helping Canada place twelfth overall, Stephanie decided to call it a career.

Stephanie’s competitiveness and her commitment to hard work is what drove her throughout her career. When tested by a high level opponent, Stephanie would rely on her drive and fire to overcome the challenge. Now, her drive is leading her in a different direction.


“I have accomplished all of my personal squash goals and I am now looking forward to moving on to some of my other life goals. I am hoping to start a career in Commercial Real Estate and I believe that my competitive and determined spirit will serve me well in the sales industry.”

It has been a whirlwind tour for the girl from Toronto who grew up enjoying family fun Sundays on the squash court; as her whole family enjoyed the game on a recreational level. She became a member at the Toronto area Granite Club and credits her junior coach Jim Paton with keeping her playing squash.

“He ran a fantastic program at the Granite Club; it was always fun and exciting to participate in the summer, Christmas, March break and in after school camps and clinics. I was a varsity athlete in hockey, baseball, soccer and golf, but squash was the one for me in large part thanks to Jim.”

SH_533As a professional squash player, Stephanie got to travel the globe and meet people from all walks of life. From her first international trip to El Salvador as a junior, the Commonwealth Games in India, or her final squash trip to France for the World Championships this past December, Stephanie has been able to see much of the world. It is these experiences, and the people she shared them with, that Stephanie will miss the most.

SH_535In the end, Stephanie is left to reflect on all the people that have helped her along the way.

“Squash, for me, would not have been a success without so many people to carry me through. I have had the privilege to work with knowledgeable and skilled coaches and trainers, received support from my competitive teammates that I have rivaled and travelled with, and of course the unrelenting encouragement from my parents, and family.”

It has been a long and amazing run for Stephanie Edmison; and not too bad for the little girl who could not win a point at her first tournament.

Here’s Steph demonstrating the “Squmba” warmup routine …

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