‘Maharajah’ Mahesh prevails in Prague

Adam Englund reports

The ultimate contest in the PSA $5k Prague final between Indian Mahesh Mangaonkar and Frenchman Lucas Serme started at 5PM and lasted (hold on to something) almost two hours.

Both of the finalists reached the bottom of their strength reserves – the cramps got them during the third game. Nonetheless, they endured and provided the audience with a spectacle they are not like to forget.

Until last minute it was unclear who would win – but then there it was. Mahesh Mangaonkar won his first PSA tournament in an incredible fashion and can now be officially titled the ‘squash maharaja’.

“It was brutally hard and excruciatingly long. I’m totally dead. This was definitely number one match for me,” the exhausted Indian said after the match.

That’s all from Prague Open 2012! Adam Englund from Squash Club Praha gives many thanks to all our supporters. See you next year!

Seeds suffer in Prague semis

The semi-finals of the Prague Open saw two usdeeded players progress to the final …

Greetings and good morning from smog-covered (yet still beautiful) Prague. The air is thick with tension here in HAMR SPORT hall as the cup is nearing its conclusion.

We’ve seen many amazing and breath-taking matches throughout the tournament – and now, only four titans remain. Three Frenchmen and one Indian are about to clash in a spectacle of sweat and glory. Which one of them shall bear the champion’s title? Let’s find out!

Both semifinal matches started at 11AM.

“I feel very confident. I was sick some time ago, but now I’m both psychically and technically at my best,” Joan Lezaud said before his match against Lucas Serme.

His opponent seemed pretty relaxed too: “I know Joan well; we used to train together back in France.” Although it was Lezaud who drew the first blood, Serme’s reach and ferocity overpowered Lezaud’s skillful play; and gained him the first two games.

During the third game, both players got visibly enraged and often went to argue with the referee. Nonetheless, Serme had succeeded and secured his place in the final.

In the meantime, Makesh Mangaonkor managed to end Julien Balbo’s spree and to take aback the Frenchman’s fans. “I did not expect this. I mean, the Indian is half his age and Julien looked so confident. I am dismayed,” one of them said.

Tournament Page:squashsite.co.uk/2009/pragueopen2012

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