Clubs getting excited for World Squash Day

With three weeks to go to the day, there are now approaching 500 clubs signed up for the World Squash Day “Team Squash v Team 2020” match on 20th October.

Some of the latest signups have some fantastic days planned – here’s a selection of those who have signed up in the last few days !!!

  • Chelsea Piers, USA
    “We are hosting a Battle of the Border (South of the CT border vs North of the CT border.) After the success of the 200 players that competed in this event 3 years ago at the Apawamis Club, we have decided to try and increase the numbers hosting it at Chelsea Piers on their 11 squash courts and 1 doubles court.There will be matches all day starting from 8am and pizza and beer flowing!”
  • SquashAdictos (Argentina)
    “We are plannig to make a complete day dedicated to play Squash for free. We will include some courts to teach Squash to people want to learn this wonderfull sport, with focus in children. As usual, we will to take a video for the event and share with all around the World. Thanks for the iniciative.”
  • Midtown Athletic Club (Usa)
    We are planning a club wide handy-capped tournament. Everyone has the opportunity to play everyone in the club with a chance to win! One huge draw so you’ll never know who you’ll be facing. Come join the fun starting at 9am on Saturday!
  • Folkstone Squash Club (England)
    “On the date set my partner and I are on holiday  – in Greece – with Squash courts at the hotel. So we will start our event by lighting our own torch in Greece and playing the first game! We have some junior coaching in the morning and hope that we can get some of the juniors to play first in Folkestone. Then the senior players will add in their own scores. Back from holiday on the Sunday to tally up results and put them on line.”
  • Bergen Squash Club (Norway)
    We have our annual tournament Bergen Open with players from all of Norway attending and we will combine this with entering the World Squash Day
  • Squash Malawi
    Squash Malawi has lined up a number of activities on 20 October 2012. We will start with a Big Walk around Blantyre City from Blantyre Sports Club (From Squash Courts) to Saint Andrews International School. We will carry placards and play “”mock”” squash along the highway. In the afternoon there will be exhibition matches between Lilongwe City and Blantyre City teams. We have invited the President of Malawi Olympic Committee for the afternoon matches. We have also invited veteran players to grace the occasion.
  • Squash Insurgentes (Mexico)
    Due to the calendar of the Federacion de Squash de Mexico, the Club de Squash Insurgentes in Xalapa, Mexico will be organizing the National Junior Championship between October 19 and 21. In this club we have 3 english courts and 1 american court. The plan for the WSD is to play the championship in the 3 english courts and from 10 am we will be playing as many matches as we can in the american court between “team 2020” and “team squash”.
  • Sandycove Squash Club (Ireland)
    We’re hoping to have a 1st Team v 2nd Team v Vets smackdown. The trashtalk has already started! It’s time to sort the Men from the Boys!
  • Trinidad & Tobago
    We will be inviting schools to participate in an open beginners clinic followed by an adult beginner clinic. We will then hold the 2020 event and end with an open court and party!
  • Newport Squash Club (Wales)
    We are holding the Newport Junior Open on this date.  Hoping to have a draw of 80 plus juniors from all over Wales.  Also hosting a team match between the A and B sides to promote World Squash Day.
  • Centurion Junior Squash (South Africa)
    We are planning to do a night shift event. The juniors starts at 18h00 and will play right through the night. We organise the event with players moving to different courts in an hour session and play different players and conditioned games in an hour session. Want to combine it with a fundraising event to raise funds for our Prizegiving event at the end of the year.
  • RA Squash Club (Canada)
    Coincidently holding an internal club team tourney on 20.Oct.2012.  Will transpose results from the internal team tourney into World Squash Day (WSD) Team Squash and Team 2020 results. Players will know that they are part or WSD play and their results are being used for WSD team scoring.
  • Yamba Squash (Australia)
    Turn it into a massive family day jumping castle, BBQ ,Egg and spoon races ETC

If your club hasn’t already got its plans in place, there’s still plenty of time – whose side are you on ???

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