Getting Ready for CASA #2: Cameron Stafford

Ryan Abraham talks to the Cayman Island’s Cameron Stafford as the 2012 Caribbean Championships approach …

Note: To all the readers, I just wanted to clarify that this year’s CASA “player preview” is a special emphasis on the PSA players. If there’s ample time before the individuals event, perhaps I can still do a brief focus on the top 4 seeds in each draw. But for now, here is the next PSA player profile.

BIO #2 – Cameron Stafford (Cayman Islands)

PSA Ranking #196

Cameron Stafford, a former Caribbean Junior Champion, joined the PSA in 2011 and has been training in Australia for the past few months. He was crowned Caribbean U17 Champion in 2008 and U19 Champion in 2010, before deciding to embark on his professional squash career.

His highest ranking to date is #181, which he attained in July of this year. Something else of note is that Cameron has already accumulated 7 PSA main draw victories, which is the most of any Caribbean player on the PSA [Note: The PSA stats section does not count “qualifying round” victories or losses, just the outcomes within the main draw].

Cameron ended last year’s CASA Mens ranking at #7, but it’s important to note that two of the players ranked above him are not Caribbean-born and migrated to the islands as coaches. With his highest finish in the individuals event being 6th place in 2010, I am sure he will be determined to improve on that this year most likely wanting a spot in the final.


How did your squash journey begin as a junior?

I started playing squash when I was 12 years old (2004). I played tennis before squash. Dean Watson happened to be playing on the court next to me and ask me to come and play squash. I tried it out once and immediately fell in love with the game

What other sports did you play growing up?

I played football, cricket, tennis, sailing, baseball. I always knew that I wanted to be a professional squash player.

What inspired you to turn professional?

I first decided to play on the PSA Tour in 2011 because I always wanted to represent my country.

What are your best squash highlights to date?

I won Two Caribbean Junior Championships. On the PSA Tour I was a Quarter-Finalist in the Kansai Open in Japan and the Willoughby Squash Open in Sydney, Australia.

However, one of my biggest upsets to date was a victory over Justin Beard (#130 at the time), currently ranked #149 / #7 in Australia at the 2012 South Australian Open in Adelaide

Do you have any goals for your PSA career this year?

I would like to break into the top 170 before the end of the year

What is your most memorable non-squash moment to date?

Seeing the Great Barrier Reef and the Taj Mahal

If you could have any super power in the world, what would it be?

Super speed, so I could out-run anything

Three words to describe yourself …

Funny, Athletic, Curious

Thanks Cameron for the well-thought responses. We look forward to having you down in Trinidad and I bet you intend to make your presence known on court this year. I

‘m sure there are a few ladies here who like the funny, athletic guy… and can probably help you with any curiosity… :).

You may end up needing that super-speed after all…

But I digress! That’s two Caribbean players in the PSA top 200 ready to make an impact in a few days. Stay tuned for the next player profiles throughout the week!

Ryan Abraham

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