Nicol David at the Olympics

Not not for real, sadly, but the Malaysian Superstar had a go at many of the Olympic events from her Amsterdam training base,  and busily tweeted snapshots of her efforts. Here she talks to Andrea Filmer of the Malaysian Star …

Squash queen sets her sights on 2020 Olympics

Datuk Nicol David, Malaysia’s squash queen, is setting her sights on the 2020 Olympic Games.

Although squash has yet to be accepted as an Olympic sport, she has launched a personal campaign to push for squash’s Olympic bid.

Nicol has been posting photographs of herself on Facebook and Twitter, engaged in a variety of Olympic sports. From basketball to swimming, weightlifting to archery, her pictures have gained over 20,000 “likes” and encouraging comments.

“The photos are really just a fun idea I thought of with my friends who wanted to show how much I wanted to compete in the Olympics that I’d do anything to get there.

“The aim is to tell people that I want to be competing at the Games really badly,” she said in an e-mail interview.

Nicol, a World Squash Federation (WSF) ambassador, said the pictures were taken in Amsterdam, where she is now based, a few days before the London Games started on July 27.

She said her photo campaign ran in line with a WSF initiative called Back The Bid 2020 aimed at getting squash into the 2020 Games. Two bids to enlist squash as an Olympic sport had already been made for the on-going London Games and Rio Games in 2016 but both failed.

“We had done a campaign for Rio 2016 and we missed out as Golf and Rugby Sevens were the two sports that were included instead.

“I was involved in the presentation in front of the IOC (International Olympic Committee) to present our case and we were devastated that we missed that opportunity.”

On participating in the 2020 Olympics should squash be included, Nicol, who will turn 29 later this month, said it would take a lot to stop her from being there.

“If squash gets in for 2020, I’m going to make sure my body is still ready for it. I wouldn’t miss it for the world!”


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  1. proudMalaysian

    all Malaysian support for squash 2020, will the dreams come true… u’re the true champion… Nicol David..

  2. Nicol has a good sense of humour — these are pretty funny.

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