Welcome to SquashSite365

This site’s purpose is to log significant updates we make to SquashSite and, therefore, everything major that happens in the world of squash – bear in mind though that it’s more about covering what’s already happened, rather than what’s happening, like the main site does.

Partly it’s here to generate an RSS feed that can be used by us, and anyone else who wants to keep themselves or their readers up to date. The address of the RSS feed is:  http://www.squash999.com/365/?feed=rss2 If you have your own site this is the most comprehensive squash news feed you’ll find.

It also, via Dlvr.it, updates our Twitter and Facebook pages (which we’ll still use separately for smaller updates), and everything is brought together on the SquashSite Widget, which is probably the best thing you can install on your site.

It doesn’t cover everything round by round – for that you can visit the main site, or just follow the links on each story to the full coverage of that item, but we will use SquashSite 365 to try out new layout and presentation ideas.

As an added bonus, you can register for email updates (signup form on every page) which are delivered overnight (UK time) containing all the day’s updates in one handy package.

And last, but not least, SquashSite365 serves as a backup for the main site should it be unavailable for whatever reason or if we can’t get a good enough connection to do updates (for the main site we need a good connection on our PC, whereas SquashSite365 we can update from any browser or even by email).

So if you ever find the main site unavailable, you’ll almost certainly find what you’re looking for on SquashSite365 so bookmark it now!

If you have any comments or suggestions please get in touch using the contact page